Milk and More


Milk and More

I wrote this 60 second podcast advert to be read on Layers, the podcast I co-host with Ana Kinsella. Our sponsor was Milk and More, the doorstep grocery delivery service. The aim? To create a natural-sounding host-read advert that complemented how Layers actually sounds (witty, knowing and informal).


Milk and More - script for 60 second podcast advert

Milk and More delivers milk in reusable glass bottles to your doorstep.

So if you want to reduce your plastic use, and buy your milk direct from Britain’s farms, or you have nostalgic feelings about milk floats… this is probably just what you’ve been looking for.

Milk and More also offers the very best products from Britain's farms and artisan producers. So when you're in the mood for fresh bread and eggs, organic vintage cheddar or even a mango and passion fruit smoothie, order online with Milk and More.

Plus, every glass bottle delivered by Milk and More will be reused around 25 times.

Another thing… and this may appeal to the small but strong contingent of green-fingered listeners of Layers … You can even order household items like compost and birdseed through Milk and More. They’ll deliver to your doorstep before 7am, and you can change an order up to 9pm the night before delivery.

Every new customer gets a free bottle of orange juice with their first order. So to get started, visit

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